About David Kennedy Polanco

Affectionately named "the Raconteur" by those closest to him, David is an author, playwright, poet, and an advocate for protection of animals. The Princeton Rugby Guy features the author's landmark character Harvard. Out-FM says: "With his landmark character, HARVARD, the author has given us an entertaining read which leaves us yearning for more. With thought provoking conversations and a keen ear for dialogue the author has created a comical, moving, and engaging story like none other."

The first in a series of books, Matt the Jock (release date 2013), Bragging Rites of Spring (2014). Beautifully edited by Joel D. Palmer, this is the first print edition of David's stories.

Born the youngest of ten children, he has six older brothers, in East Los Angeles, California. David currently lives on New York City's Upper West Side, just steps away from Edgar Allen Poe way and near one of the most beautiful Civil War Monuments.

Like Harvard, David will laud the achievements of Noble Prize winner Octavio Paz and in the same breath boast about his maternal grandfather's five medals, for his service in the Second World War. "I am solidly grounded as an American, with great love and pride in my Mexican ancestry." Says David.

Other works by David. Plays: A Playground Twist, Fireworks! [the Stranger Inside]. Short Stories: Matt the Jock, Bragging Rites of Spring.