Who would think the simple question - Did you ever play team sports - could stir up such a hornet's nest?

STOKES and his boyfriend HARVARD - were born culturally and geographically separate, yet together they feel they have found passionate bliss. STOKES was born in the countryside of Virginia; he stands at six-feet-six, with blond hair and blues eyes. His boyfriend, HARVARD, an ambitious academic of Mexican ancestry, was born in the place of their chance meeting, Los Angeles.

It is not race, but an episode from Stokes' past that threatens to destroy their dynamic union. Just who is the Princeton Rugby Guy, and will their reunion in Cambridge, Massachusetts be their last?

The unlikely couple's story poetically unfolds in this novella.

All that is love - for me - is invested in You. And no other one can
bring the love alive - in me. If you take it away - I'll be eclipsed by your absence.


With his landmark character, HARVARD, the author has given us an entertaining read that has created an appetite for more. With thought provoking conversations and a keen ear for dialogue, the author has created a comical, moving, and engaging story like none other. - Marle Becker OUT FM.

Not a rehash of old hash. This story serves two underrepresented communities [Gay, Latino] well; with humor and poignant memorable moments. - The Legendary Joe Franklin Bloomberg Radio